Reputation management software for growing your business.

Understand your customers, in a simple, fast, and effective way, while establishing your online presence.

GoQR indirect customer rating App

Reputation management software

Our app enables your guests to easily share their good experiences online and boost your restaurant's online reputation and profits.

Personally manage bad comments

Bad reviews can affect your Business' reputation, there is no turning back, control your potential losses by preventing the damages.

The impact of negative reviews

In a recent survey 75% of the interviewees answered that they would not visit a restaurant that had bad ratings or bad reviews.

Online search

Two out of three people, nowadays, check the online ratings of a restaurant before they choose their destination.


Check The Features

Understand your customers

Give your customers a safe way to tell you what they like, with the use of an efficient tool such as GoQR.

Increase your reviews

GoQR is an easy and fast way for your customers to rate their experiences. Boost your positive ratings, and your online reputation.

Monitor your progress

The Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), provided by our product (GoQR analytics) can help you measure your restaurant's progress.

Increase your happy guests

Avoid bad reviews going online. With GoQR you can collect meaningful feedback to understand the sentiment behind your customers' bad experiences.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • What exactly is GoQR?

    GoQR is a tool that allows users to easily share their experiences. GoQR enables users to write reviews fast and easy by just scanning a QR code. GoQR helps restaurant owners to build up their reputation by understanding their business better, find out any weaknesses and preventing damaging reviews before they go online.

  • Would not be great to boost you online reputation? GoQR is an innovative and hassle free way to measure customer satisfaction. Your benefits are twofold, firstly take radical actions through the real time performance dashboard and secondly enable users to share their experience online.

  • GoQR creates value by fostering a relationship between you and your customers. GoQR helps to increase your positive ratings, understand what are the strengths of your business, but also why bad reviews exist and deal with them before they go online. Additionally, through KPIs you can find out what are the misfits and where your attention should shift in order to serve your customers better.

  • GoQR works 100% online. You only need to print a QR code or order one from us.

  • In order to start you only need to have your business registered in Google maps. If not, then allows us to guide you step by step.

  • Request a demo now and enjoy the benefits of the reputation management software.